Valentine’s Day at Hedonism II Feb 13-21,2015

 Valentine’s Day at Hedonism II Feb 13-20,2015

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Ocean View Nude Call for availability and rates
Premium and Jacuzzi Suites Call for availability 1.800.349.3025
Hedonism II Rates based on two people per room.

Call Dream Pleasure Tours for Singles Rates 1 800 349 3025

Deposit of $250.00 due at time of booking per person ($1,000.00 for suites)

Balance Due: Nov 13, 2014

Group rates are applicable only for the actual dates of the contract and the three-night window on either side of the group contracted dates.

Bookings must have a minimum of (5) five nights in the Actual Group Contracted Dates.

Group Rates Cannot Be Used for Bookings of 5 Nights Or Less Unless It Is Within The 3 Night Before or 3 Nights After Group Dates.

Transfers are at $50.00 Per Person Round Trip
Call DPT Agents for Booking of Less Than 5 Nights.

Prior to Nov 13, 2014 $100.00 per person
After Nov 13, 2014 non-refundable

Valentine’s Day at Hedonism II Feb 13-21,2014 and to make it easier, ask about splitting your vacation into equal monthly payments. For those on a tight budget, we can also take your deposit in two payments.

Dream Pleasure Tours returns to Hedonism II for our annual Valentine’s Day. Come join old friends and meet new friends. This is one of our sexiest weeks of the year at Hedonism II.

Just ask him or her: “Will You Be My Valentine at Hedonism for a Week”
Who could every say No?

You will not be able to get enough of the sexy and steamy ambiance that runs wild during the week long Valentine’s Day celebration at Hedonism II. Jamaica is beautiful anytime of the year but in winter months we can all agree that its tropical charm is needed and appreciated more than ever in most of our lives.

The friendly and enthusiastic entertainment team at Hedonism II leads fun and sensually themed adventures every night that you will be sure not to forget. Whether you engage in performances or just witness them as a relaxed spectator, you will surely be enticed by the deliciously erotic nighttime entertainment.

Hedonism II is the place to do what you please, with whom you please, and to explore your deepest desires and sensuality with other consenting and fun loving adults. Explore your limits, indulge your fantasies, connect with your partner and others couples in a way you've only dreamed about. Take the vacation you've always wanted to take to the resort you've always wanted to go to. It's Hedonism for no reason.  Let the people you meet know of your fantasies. You might be surprised to find them fulfilled by willing and eager friends in the hot tub, in the playroom, or in the privacy of your own luxuriously appointed room.

And what better place to celebrate the sexiest Holiday of the year than a steamy week at Hedonism II in Jamaica. If you’ve been there, you know what it’s all about. But if you haven’t, it’s time to find out. Hedonism II With its soft, white sandy beach and its perfectly conceived adult amenities, it is the ultimate lifestyler all-inclusive resort. That’s right—all inclusive. Food, cocktails, accommodation and entertainment!

Don’t forget—going with a group is the best way to go to a lifestyle friendly swingers resort. By going with a group you’ll know that there are plenty of couples to get acquainted with. Also, you will know every traveler in the group is like-minded, so you don’t need to worry about people, who are not familiar with, or approving of, the lifestyle. Plus you’ll have a host couple at the resort to make sure your vacation is a great one. All of our customers tell us that they have more fun, meet more people and get more play time when they join in with one of our groups.


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