A Week for Swingers 2017

Week for Swingers at Hedo 2 - 03/18/2017 to 03/25/2017


March 18-25, 2017aweekforswingers W4S@H2 is our special Week for Swingers at Hedonism II.and Hosted by our good friend Char!


The Week for Swingers at Hedonism II is a combination of the young, the wild, the wicked and the just pain fun. This is the social event of year at Hedo where you can easily meet lots of other couples also looking to have a great time.
If you are Young at heart, Wild by nature and have Wicked intentions, we have people waiting to party with you.

The resort was sold out in 2016 and will be filled with party couples again this year.


Group Pricing will Expire 12/18/2016


Room Type

Couple / Night

Single Person / Night Couple 7 Nights
Garden View Regular $436.00 $327.00 $3,052.00
Garden View Nude $552.00 $414.00 $3,864.00
Ocean View Regular $562.00 $421.50 $3,934.00
Ocean View Nude $572.00 $429.00 $4,004.00









Sooner or later, it’s gonna happen.
The primal urge to just let go, unwind, and unplug. Hedonism II on world-famous Negril Beach of Negril, Jamaica was created as a reward for all those times you’ve had to deny your basic instincts. In these lush gardens of pure pleasure, the word “no” is seldom heard.

After a week at Hedonism II, you’ll view the world from a slightly different angle. You’ll be tanned and relaxed, and at times you’ll find yourself smiling for no reason whatsoever. Hedonism II, unlike all other clothing optional resorts.



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