Desire Sahló

Welcome to the aphrodisiac-gourmet restaurant of Desire, Sahló. The perfect place where our paradise for couples only concept is appreciated in every corner, the place where you will not only enjoy the most fascinating specialties, but also experience the real taste of seduction the moment you walk in.

Provided with unique details such as a suggestive array of images, statues of women silhouettes and elegant masks, Sahló becomes a promise of moments filled with mystery and eroticism. Feel the sensual touch of our luxury hotel for adults at Sahló as you discover its fervid décor designed with all your senses in mind: a venue that stimulates your eyes, soothes your ears, enlivens your tastebuds, pleases your nose and carresses your skin.

The erotic atmosphere of Sahló is the ideal frame for you to discover our unique culinary creations that will please your palate and senses while it adds more allurement to your seductive vacation in the Riviera Maya.

The question you might be asking yourself… Do aphrodisiacs really work? You just have to come to our couples only sanctuary, experience Sahló with your lover and find out as you sample these aphrodisiac international cuisines specialties.

All you have heard about the aphrodisiac powers of oysters, champagne and chocolate come real at Sahló. Have you ever tried salmon with avocado and oysters all together? That’s right, as part of our all-inclusive for couples only, invigorating ingredients like chocolate, oysters, chilli, fruit and avocado have been included in our menu to offer you the most sensual, exotic combinations so that you will be tempted by all our unique recipes.

Then, erotic, from their contrasting tastes, shapes and aromas, Sahló’s specialties will induce the most irresistible sensations of pleasure and keep the spark alive so that you can take the night to another lever with your lover, later on at our Melange Bar, Sin Room or if you prefer in the privacy of your suite.

Sahló is open from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Although Desire is a clothing optional resort, this restaurant has a sensual-elegant dress code.

Please make your reservations at the restaurant, starting at 10:00 am.

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