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Hi. My name is Angie. I am a Travel Consultant with Dream Pleasure Tours. I have been in the Travel Industry for 25 years and have extensive Knowledge in planning perfect vacations. Being a part of Dream Pleasure Tours allows me to give you the opportunity to travel as a member of the most well organized and sexiest clothing optional agency in the world. I have so many favorite places, but planning trips to Desire Cancun and Desire Pearl are among the top. Small group takeovers and or private trips with food, fishing and wine staying at villas and visiting museums are always fabulous and fun. I also specialize in planning Caribbean, Mexico and South Pacific destination weddings. I love the "art of planning" and will put your trip together perfectly so that your vacation is flawless yet the best BANG for your buck! You can contact Angie at 1-800-349-3025 Ext. 105.



Hi there, we are John and Sheila. We are married and have been in the lifestyle for over 15 years. We live in the beautiful Northeastern US. We recently partnered with the Dream Pleasure team and love every minute of it. We specialize in lifestyle cruise vacations as well as resorts like Hedonism and Desire. In addition, we also organize lifestyle club promos and events, as well as group travel. We love to travel and enjoy warm sand, beautiful beaches, great resorts and scuba diving.

We would love to help you plan your next lifestyle vacation. You can contact us at 1-800-349-3025 ext. 207.



Hi. My name is Gary. I am one of the founders of Dream Pleasure Tours. I have been in the lifestyle for over twenty years, and I was manager of Club Relations with Lifestyles Tours and Travel. At Dream Pleasure Tours I spend a lot of time working with group leaders and club owners arranging and organizing trips to Hedonism II, Desire Resorts and Fantasy. As I live in Florida, it is easy for me to get to most of the resorts we represent so I also spend a lot of time at the resorts helping check customers in, staging pool parties and meet-n-greets, and managing any problems or issues. At home I travel a lot to clubs, conventions and other events spreading the word about what a great travel company we have. If you need help with you vacation plans, or you are a club owner or party organizer and you want sponsorship for your event, or you want to organize a group trip, please contact me. You can reach Gary at 1-800-349-3025 Ext. 102.




Hi. I’m Mike. I am one of the owners of Dream Pleasure Tours. When I started in the travel business, I wanted to make sure we would do something different—something that wasn’t being done by other companies currently serving the market. We’ve accomplished that. We have online help on our website, we answer the phones seven days a week, we provide more travel options for open minded people than any other company, we attend all of the major lifestyle events, we travel with most of our groups, we send out regular newsletters and we organize our own signature events. Since we began many of these added services, we’ve noticed we’re being copied by our competitors. That must mean we’re doing it right. It also means we have to keep innovating, and improving, to make sure we’re providing the best travel experience possible. If you’re a current customer, thank you. If you’re not yet a customer, let me and the Dream Pleasure Tours Team prove we can provide you a better travel experience. You can contact Mike at 1-800-349-3025 Ext 106.

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