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Lifestylers Party Week January 15-22, 2011

This great vacation is over and those who went to Hedonism II in January had the times of their lives.  It was one of the best Januaries ever.  Join us for one of our other great group tours to Hedonism II or somewhere else. Check out Group Travel in the menu bar to the right for other group tours.

John and Sarah, our host couple for this great week of fun, have arranged a number of super fun events and excursions to make the week even better.  Check out what they have planned:

1) The Swingers Newlywed Game - three couples will compete for first place in this re-make of the Newlywed Game geared for swingers while the rest of the group cheers for their favorite couple.  Hilarious fun.

2) Shopping trip to Negril.
Visit Negril and shop in some local stores (approx 2 hrs.).

3) Dream Pleasure tours body painting contest. Paint your partner to win. Two categories; most artistic and most erotic.

4) Dream Pleasure Tours Hedo Olympics. You don't have to be in shape to compete in these erotic olympic events. Will take place on the beach. Events will put a sexual twist on some olympic favorites.

5) Dream Pleasure Tours Scavenger Hunt - couples are given a list of clues that will eventually lead them to a prize (pint of rum, Dream Pleasure tours voucher, etc). This will be a small gift while couples enjoy following clues across Hedo grounds.

6) Dream Pleasure Tours pole dance competition at the Disco! Both a women's and a man's division!

7) Dream Pleasure Tours tours Naughty and Naked Catamaran Cruise. A completely naked, anything goes cruise at a special rate to Dream Pleasure Tour guests.

Of course, there will be some neat prizes, lots of fun and laughter and a lot of opportunities to get to know your fellow travelers even better!

Can’t make weeks one or two at Hedonism II in January? Well then come on down for week three.  Don’t worry.  The party’s still going strong.  In 2010, even with the economy down, most of January was a sellout.  In fact, we turned away a lot of disappointed people who waited until the last minute to try to get reservations.  January is one of the very best times of the year to be at Hedonism II.  It’s your chance to party with a resort full of lifestyle friendly couples.  It’s a sellout crowd and a group that’s ready to party and play the way you know you want to do it.  You’ll have the chance to meet new friends and share experiences with 300 other open minded fun loving couples in a way you can only do at Hedonism II.  Our post trip survey for January 2010 rated this trip right at the top for sensuality and fun.  Don’t miss out.  Book your room now while there are still rooms available.

Hedonism II is one of the most sexually open minded resorts on the planet.  For years this resort has catered to vacationers wanting to walk on the wild side and who want to take sensuality to the next level.  Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it at Hedonism II.  Want to watch?  Go ahead.  Want to play?  You’ll find someone to play with.  Want to renew that sexual bond with your partner?  What better plan than under the warm sunny days and tropical nights of Jamaica?

During January the entire resort is filled with people in the lifestyle. It’s a special month and because it’s special you can expect a whole lot more fun.  Your super sexy vacation includes express check-in, free ground transfers, a very special cocktail reception so you can meet other guests, personalized service from a Dream Pleasure Tours host couple and Dream Pleasure Tours staff at the resort, special gifts for all Dream Pleasure Tours customers, themed party nights, all the food you can eat, all of the booze you can drink and deluxe accommodations in a beachfront resort.  It couldn’t get any better!

You can lie around in the warm Jamaican sun all day, but the entertainment staff will be cranking up the party atmosphere.  Just to hit a few highlights ... sexy games and fun by the pool…body shot parties....pole dancing on the bar in the disco, naked....dancing in the cage in the disco, naked ... dancing on the piano in the piano bar, naked ... dancing on the main stage, naked ... and so on ... for a very wild week.  Also enjoy optional excursions such as a hosted local shopping trip, Catamaran trip, and adventure to Rick’s Café.  Scuba diving and other activities are also available.  And every evening the entertainment staff will be on hand with music, singers, dancers, magicians, and more.

Hedonism II is an all inclusive clothing optional beach front resort. That means you get all of the food you can eat and all of the booze you can drink during your entire stay.  Even better, on the nude side of the resort you can swim and sunbath naked.  There are plenty of activities to keep you busy too, from pool parties, to the piano bar, to the hot and sexy disco.  Party, play, and have the time of your life in one of the hottest and coolest resorts you’ll ever visit.

Get ready to party and have fun. You can’t spend the entire trip naked.  At some point in time you have to put on some cloths (oh, darn!) So in the evening we’ve got parties and theme nights planned when you have the opportunity to dress it up.  The themes change from time to time but you can expect theme nights like these:
- Reggae night
- Naughty School Girl Night
- Retro Flashback Bell Bottoms & Afro Wigs
- Pimp & Ho Night
- PJ Party
- Favorite Uniform Night
- Toga Party

“For any 30ish, good looking, "work hard - play hard" type of person: This is the place to be. Haven't even been home for a week and I'm already planning my second Hedo trip.”  Pam & Cyn

“You can do as little or as much as you want. GREAT staff all around and very good security. Would actually love to work and reside there. Their big motto is " NO PROBLEM " And that's exactly how it is.” Wise Guy

“This is the best all inclusive hotel to stay in. The service was second to none. The room was huge with a kingsize bed and mirrors on the ceiling! The food was excellent.”  LA Sexy Couple

“We were a little hesitant because we’d never actually been with a group before.  We made some great new friends.”  H. & A., Oklahoma City

“I didn’t know karaoke could be so much fun!!” James, Austin, TX.

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