Swingers Break Event * April 9 - 16, 2016

You have worked hard all year now it is time for a break why not a Swing Break at the world famious Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica. 


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Classic Rooms & Rates:
GVR: Garden View Regular ~ $2324/couple ($166 pp/pn)
OVR: Ocean View Regular ~ $2478/couple ($177 pp/pn)
GVN: Garden View Nude ~ $2842/couple ($203 pp/pn)
OVN: Ocean View Nude ~ $2996/couple ($214 pp/pn)
NBJ:  Ocean View Nude Jacuzzi ~ $3654/couple ($261 pp/pn)


Premium Suites & Rates:
OVNP: OV Nude Premium ~ $3892/couple ($278 pp/pn)
NBJP: Nude Beach Jacuzzi Premium ~ $4760/couple ($340 pp/pn)


Hedonism II is the only resort of its kind in the world. It’s the resort where you can do what you want, when you want, in a way that you only can at Hedonism. From the nude beach to piano bar to the disco, Hedonism II is the best resort for adult only, all inclusive clothing optional travel. If you don’t have fun at Hedonism II, you probably won’t have fun anywhere and Dream Pleasure Tours is the best place to book your Hedonism II vacation is right here at Dream Pleasure Tours. Why? Dream Pleasure Tours is you main source for the best prices and best service for Hedonism II reservation.



Swinger Break at Hedonism II. Stay up late and party with us every night. You can lie around in the warm Jamaican sun all day, but the entertainment staff will be cranking up the party atmosphere.  Just to hit a few highlights ... sexy games and fun by the pool…body shot parties.... pole dancing on the bar in the disco, naked.... dancing in the cage in the disco, naked ... dancing on the piano in the piano bar, naked ... dancing on the main stage, naked ... and so on ... for a very wild week.  Also enjoy optional excursions such as a hosted local shopping trip, Catamaran trip, and adventure to Rick’s Café.  Scuba diving and other activities are also available.  And every evening the entertainment staff will be on hand with music, singers, dancers, magicians, and more.


Hedonism II Pool

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91 days out $100.00 per person

1-90 days out No Refund


Dream Pleasure Tours Suggests that everyone purchase Travel Insurance. Please contact your Travel Agent for more details.



Hedonism II Weather


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