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At Dream Pleasure Tours, we often get asked, "What's the best lifestyle website?"  To answer that question, we went to the people at Kasidie.com who provided us with this very insightful article.  If you're looking to join a lifestyle or swingers website, read this article first. 

How to Pick the Right Lifestyle Website
by CoupleDoingIt.com

Joining a good lifestyle website is by far the best, cheapest and safest way to meet like-minded friends in your area. There are hundreds of websites on the Internet aimed at swingers. But beware! Not all lifestyle websites are the same! In fact, we think most of the lifestyle sites on the Internet are pretty terrible. There are some great sites out there, but since everyone is different, it’s impossible to say exactly which website is best for you. However, what we can do is tell you how to spot a website that you should stay away from.


If the homepage uses an excessively sexualized vocabulary: Some sites will try to draw you in with statements like "Meet people for sex tonight!" or "Millions of horny swingers want to meet you now!" or "Meet hot members for no-strings-attached sex!"... No site can guarantee you that you will have sex tonight (or ever). There is no way to be sure that millions of swingers are currently horny or wanting to meet you. And the promise that their "hot" members will want to have no-strings-attached sex with you is utterly ridiculous.

These kinds of phrases all over a website's exterior are a sign that the site is probably not run by people who actually know anything about real swingers or the lifestyle. Instead, they are just trying to attract gullible, naive or horny people who don't know any better. The owners of these sites don't care who's joining, just as long as they're paying. If you join one of those "swinger" sites, you are likely to end up with an email box full of photos of single guys’ wieners... But hey, maybe you're into that.

Most people who are truly part of the real swinger lifestyle will be immediately driven away from a website if its homepage includes overly sexual words and phrases. Avoid sites that use terms like horny, nude, nymphos, group sex, orgies, fucking, get laid, bukakke, etc. We think you get the general idea. If you'd be embarrassed to say it to your grandmother, you might not want it on the website you choose to join.

On the flip side, there are some good words that are usually used on reputable swinger websites. These are words like "lifestyle", "community," and "friends" or "friendship". These words attract real lifestylers, and tend to make the porno perverts lose interest and look elsewhere.

If you have to pay extra for extra features: This one really ticks us off! Certain websites have different levels of membership based on how much you pay. For example, you might be paying $9.95 a month to be a member. That sounds like a great deal, right? Not if you are restricted from viewing certain things or accessing certain features of the site (such as more revealing photos) unless you become a "premium" member and pony up more cash! That's an insane way to run a community site for swingers! It basically means that anyone with the spare cash can look at your intimate photos, no matter who they are! Not to mention that it's a HUGE rip-off!

Most sites do offer some sort of discount if you buy more than just one month at a time. That's a different matter... and usually will save you a nice chunk of change once you find the site that is right for you.

Also, many sites offer a free trial membership with limited features, which are then unlocked when you actually purchase a membership. That’s totally ok, and actually a pretty smart way to do things because it allows people a chance to check out the feel of site, while still protecting the privacy of their members from people who may be poking around for the wrong reasons.

If the site advertises on porn sites:  If you are constantly seeing a lot of ads for a particular swinger site while cruising your favorite porn sites, then so has everyone else who cruises those porn sites. Do you really want to be on a website full of people who discovered it while masturbating? Sites like that are about quantity, not quality.
If the homepage contains pornographic images: Once again, this is a sign that the site is just targeting horny people, not swingers. Sexy or erotic images make sense. But if the images on the homepage are downright pornographic or distasteful... run!

If it has porn ads or pop-ups on it: Besides being horribly annoying, if a website is advertising porn or other adult-themed sites (like live webcam girls or penis enlargement), it means that site was probably created as a 'get rich
quick' scheme, and the owners do not really have the members’ best interests in mind.

If they allow you to search their members without logging in: Some sites actually have a search function right on their homepage, allowing you to view a list of thumbnail images of their members in your area. Some require you to join if you want to enlarge the photos, but still... we consider this a major invasion of privacy! Plus, nine times out of ten, once you buy a membership, you'll find that those members don't actually exist! They are fake photos of fake members that the site simply uses to entice gullible people.

If you get a bad feeling about it: Trust your feelings. If the site seems creepy, icky or sleazy... it probably is! Follow your gut instincts.


Well, we’ve found that the best ways are:
• Ask your local lifestyle friends what sites they use.
• If you’re a newbie and don’t have any lifestyle friends yet, call some local lifestyle clubs and ask them what sites their members use most.
• Try out some free trial memberships to see which ones you like most and which have the most active people in your area.

In Conclusion: Even the very best lifestyle sites are only as good as you make them. Don’t expect to join one and suddenly have a world of swinging adventures fall into your lap. Email other members and introduce yourself, participate in forums, join special interest groups if the site has them, RSVP and attend events that other members are going to, or use many of the other features that the site provides to help you connect with others.

DPT Note: Of course, in additional to a quality swingers lifestyle website, you should also be a member of the World Exotic Travel Club.  At the World Exotic Travel Club you can connect with people in the lifestyle and swingers who are also travelers. You can find out where people are going, what people think of the various resorts and cruises and even find other people to travel with.  The World Exotic Travel Club is free to join, you get immediate access to all features and there is never a monthly membership fee.

Desire Pearl

Desire Pearl

Desire Resort Cancun

Desire Pearl is a 5-star resort located just south of Cancun along the beautiful Riviera Maya Coastline. Desire is an All-Inclusive, Couples Only, Clothing Optional and Lifestyle Friendly Resort.

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Hedonism II

Hedo 2

Hedo II

For more than 30 years, Hedonism clothing optional resorts have enjoyed a reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people don’t talk about in polite circles. It’s what happens when you combine warm water, a white-sand beach, open bars, and open minds.

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Desire Cruise (links to desire website)

Desire Pearl

Desire Cruise

Expand your horizons and explore your fantasies, as you cruise through some of the world’s most exotic destinations along the coastal region of the Western Mediterranean.

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Naughty Events

Naughty in N'awlins

Naughty Events

Naughty Events is the premier swinger/lifestyle/nudist/BDSM and sex positive events producer in the country - including the amazing Nughty in N'awlins, as well as several other exciting events.

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Bliss Cruises

Bliss lifestyle cruises

Bliss Cruises

Bliss Cruise makes it easy for adventuresome couples to enjoy time at sea by offering adult-only, full-ship charters that tour exotic locations from Florida to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. In some areas of the ship, clothing is optional -- but all passengers are at least 21 years and older -- so no need to worry about an under-aged crowd.

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Desire Riviera Maya

Desire Riviera Maya

Desire Cancun

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is a couples-only resort, the first and only of its kind in Mexico, located in Cancun’s Riviera Maya. Amazing landscapes and a deliciously erotic atmosphere will unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses throughout your clothing-optional vacation.

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Temptation Resort

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