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What a contest! For the last six weeks we’ve been taking entries to give away two trips to Fantasy Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  What did you have to do to enter to win? You had to write an email to Angye Fox, of the Foxxxy Forum Radio Show, or Gary Garver, of the Gary Garver Radio Show, telling these on air personalities why you think you should win a trip to an anything goes clothing optional resort. 

Well the entries have been coming in like rainfall in a hurricane, making it ever more difficult to pick a winner.  But both Gary and Angye were up to the task, and the winners have been announced. 

Gary’s winner is Nicole from Illinois.  Nicole wrote: I am emailing you regarding my desire to go on the trip…I just went online to look up Dream Pleasure Tours.

I am a single Mom, 40, never married, and haven’t been on a date in years…make that 14 years to be exact. The last time I had sex was on my birthday in 1998 - a day that is etched in my memory. I had been dating a guy for 5 years when he broke up with me in October 1998. He gave me a parting birthday gift on 12/15/98. I never really got over him and the years passed and I never seemed to get around to finding a guy.

I was excited about just a spa vacation on the beach, so imagine my surprise and delight to read up on Dream Pleasure Tours… Gary-give a girl a bone and send me!! If I had the money, I’d go to Vegas and pay for it! Hell, I’d troll craigslist but don’t want to get killed!! Hopefully you will pick me!
Well, Gary did pick Nicole and we are awarding her and the companion of her choice three nights and four days at fabulous Fantasy Spa and Resort in Puerto Vallarta.

Angye chose HHH and Lilith from California.  HHH suffered a near fatal auto accident after going on the Yolo Cruise and.. well you read the story:  This entry is for HHH and Lilith. We have been sharing the joy intimacy for years and each of us have participated within a variety of realms within the Naturists / Lifestyles arena, for several years. Lilith is a So. California Tantrika, originally from Israel, and a lover of the juicy life. She loves to frolic nude in nature, from mountain tops, to hot springs and tubs, and every appropriate place in-between. She offers a unique healing embrace, and is a Dance community Goddess. She especially glows when playing sensually / sexually in watery environments.

Lilith has mastered the art of Sacred Sexuality, and she loves to share this divine wisdom, and sensibilities with worthy, learned partners. Lilith knows that HHH is a very evolved sensual, spiritual, and sexual soul, filled with primal love flow.

With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, Lilith excels at expanding one’s capacity for pleasure and intimacy. She brings 20 years of research and experience to her mission to inspire the practice of Living Love Daily. Through her Tantric training, Lilith discovered it is possible to manifest dreams into reality, though channeling the potent energy created during conscious ecstatic connections.

HHH has been in the Naturist / Lifestyles Community for several years and participated in the first ever Lifestyles Takeover of an entire Cruise ship on a unique tour of the Carribean produced by YOLO (You Only live Once). However, that part of HHH's life was curtailed, when a near fatal auto accident nearly ended his life. After battling the Grim Reaper, HHH managed to survive a 9 month Hospital stay. The unfortunate results and complications of the accident left HHH with an amputated lower right leg, and permanent nerve damage to his lower left leg, which has resulted in him currently being confined to a wheelchair. Luckily, there was no damage to his 3rd leg, which is why we are entering this contest.

Since many lifestyle / Naturists Resorts and Clubs do not cater to the needs of those who are wheelchair bound, there aren't many opportunities for HHH to continue enjoying this part of his  life. HHH was thrilled to learn that over 90% of the Fantasy Resort and Spa, is fully accessible by anyone in a wheelchair. The combination of the Resort's accessiblilty, and Lilith's healing capacity as HHH'spartner on the trip, the stars are aligned for his recovery to be greatly accelerated, if this entry is chosen , and both get to experience the FANTASY (Resort) of a lifetime.

The best way to understand what HHH needs most is to quote an important excerpt of the Lyrics written by the great Ben Harper, and made famous worldwide by Legendary vocal artist Marvin Gaye, who sang out these facts...

“And when I get that feeling
I need a sexual healing, sexual healing
And makes me feel so fine
And helps to release the mind
Sexual healing, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that's very good for me”

HHH and Lilith also won a three night four day trip to Fantasy Resort and Spa, Puerto Vallarta.  Congratulations to our winners.  We had many great entries to this contest and thanks to all of you who entered.  We really appreciate your participation, and everyone who did enter will get a special $150 discount coupon towards any five night or more trip to Fantasy Resort and Spa or to Cirque Erotique in June 2013.

Thanks also to Gary and Angye for being such great sports and featuring Dream Pleasure Tours and the trip giveaway to Fantasy Resort and Spa on their respective radio programs.

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